The other day I was reminiscing about taking my kids on trips and posting photos of the doors we saw along the way.  Whether it was Morocco or Guatemala, Mexico City or Madrid, I was always on the lookout for doors to share here.  It has been at least a year since I’ve traveled more than a few hours’ drive from home, and I’ve really missed seeing beautiful and unusual doors.

Since we’ll be sticking close to home for the coming months, I’m working on a glamping project that involves old doors.  I will share the results in a month or two, but last weekend I went to one of the bazaars outside of San Miguel de Allende, to see what I could find.  I think we could all use a virtual road trip, so here are some photos from my shopping excursion.  Enjoy!

At the bazaar, there were stacks of old doors in every size and design:


There were small “cantina” doors, and giant doors including a pair that looked like it came from a stable:



Many of the old doors had been recently painted as art pieces:




Another artisan was carving beautiful new designs on old door panels:



Lots of cool little details:




There was even a building made of old doors and windows:


Cool, right??  Don’t forget to share your travel photos of doors with me when you are able!

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