All is well clipartOne of the things I love most about this website is that readers are able to communicate with me, and I can respond to questions, concerns, and my favorite – compliments.  😀

Yesterday I received phone calls, emails, post comments, and texts about an error message that some of you were receiving when trying to access iDigHardware.  The message stated that the site had been reported as a scam site that may contain misleading information, and that I might try to trick you into trusting me so I can steal your data and/or your life savings.

Although I like to think that you all trust me to give you accurate code information (without any tricks!), I can assure you that I’m not collecting unauthorized data or using shared info for nefarious purposes.  And I’m very thankful for the communications I received from readers, because the problem was occurring with only one browser, and not the one that I was using.  I didn’t receive the error message in my browser, so I would not have known about the problem without your help.

Some of you expressed concerns about the site being hacked or contaminated with something that could infect your computers.  We have investigated the situation and did not find any reason for concern.  No changes had been made and the site was completely under my control.  For some reason Microsoft flagged iDigHardware temporarily, but in addition to our responses to Microsoft, several readers also filled out the form stating that the site was legit (thank you for that!).

Everything seems to be fine now, although you may have to refresh your browser tab to clear the message.  If you experience any issues, please email me asap.

~ Lori

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