As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was with our current specwriter apprentice/sales development program cohort last week and as always there was no shortage of interesting applications.  I stopped into a large retail store to pick up an order from the Amazon Locker, and noticed their Wordless Wednesday method for entrance/exit control at the main entrance:

I also saw the door in the photos below tucked into a cluttered area next to the locker…we know that two motions to unlatch the door would be unacceptable by code.  I posted a similar photo a few weeks ago, and asked whether you thought the double-hardware application would meet the intent of the code if only one device was latched.  In my opinion, the answer is no – a building occupant would have to know which device to use – this requires special knowledge and could impact egress.  Coincidentally, the panic hardware on this door was dogged, so only the exit alarm was latched.  Still no.  🙂

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