I spent part of last week with Kevin Braaten and Shannon Tracey (directors of Allegion’s specwriter development program), and the current members of our specwriter apprentice and sales development programs.  As part of the training, we went on a field trip – one of my favorite ways to see applications and demonstrate code requirements “in the wild.”

The high school we visited had plenty of interesting things to point out, including the various brackets and plates needed to make the openings function correctly.  I spotted a good opportunity to mention a little-known product – the Von Duprin MT54 storage kit for a removable mullion.  If you are not familiar with removable mullions, they are used on pairs of doors with two rim panic devices.  The mullion can be removed to allow the full width of the opening to be available for moving large equipment.

With the school closed for the summer, there was plenty of maintenance happening, and several mullions had been removed and placed next to the doors.  After a close call with one of those mullions I mentioned the storage kit, which allows the mullion to be safely stored when it is not in the opening.

Here’s one of the openings at the high school…I think the removable mullion storage kit would have been a good addition.  What do you think?

Open fire door - opportunity to use Von Duprin MT54 storage kit

Open fire door - opportunity to use Von Duprin MT54 storage kit

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