The Changing Face of School Security LogoIn the last 10+ years, school security and safety have become a very important part of my job and my life.  I have been blessed to meet many others who share this mission, including Paul Timm of Allegion and Michele Gay of Safe and Sound Schools.  Paul is now hosting an Allegion podcast called The Changing Face of School Security, and Michele is the guest on his first episode:

From Tragedy to Advocacy: Redefining School Security After Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy didn’t just impact the community of Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. If affected the entire landscape of school security as we knew it.

After losing her daughter, Josephine Grace, to the Sandy Hook tragedy, Michele Gay, co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools, has focused her advocacy on improving safety and security in schools and communities across the country, especially for those with special needs like her daughter and many others.

Michele joined host Paul Timm on The Changing Face of School Security Podcast to discuss the Safe and Sound Schools mission, the Especially Safe Schools program, the importance of creating appropriate plans for school safety and more on the changing landscape of school security.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Safe and Sound Schools and the Especially Safe program
  • The importance of creating appropriate plans for school safety
  • The changing future of school security

Who is Michele Gay?

Michele Gay is the Co-founder & Executive Director of Safe and Sound Schools. After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Michele has focused her advocacy on school security.

Connect with the guest:

Meet the host:

Paul Timm, Director of Education Safety for Allegion, is a board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), author of School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program, and a nationally acclaimed expert in physical security. He is also a member of PASS, CSC, ASIS International’s School Safety & Security Council and IASBO (Illinois Association of School Business Officials) Risk Management Committee.  Since 1999, Paul has conducted physical security assessments and provided technical assistance for clients nationwide and in Canada.

Michele – Thanks for the reminder that even though this work is hard, we need to stay the course and keep getting up!  I am so grateful to have both you and Paul as teammates in our efforts to make schools safer.

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