The Changing Face of School Security Podcast episode 2 advertisement - Guy BliesnerI have said many times that it’s our responsibility to study past tragedies and learn from them in hopes of improving future outcomes.  In the second episode of Paul Timm’s podcast – The Changing Face of School Security, he talks with Guy Bliesner about the shooting that occurred at Rigby Middle School in 2021:

S1 Ep. 2 Strengthening School Safety Protocols: Lessons Learned from a Tragic Event

For Guy Bliesner, the Rigby Middle School shooting in 2021 wasn’t only a tragic event—it was a crucial learning experience for the safety protocols schools should have in place during and following such events.

After witnessing the aftermath of the shooting, Guy observed just how overwhelming the following processes can be. From initial response to communication and reunification, Guy details just how important it is not to just train and carry out streamlined protocols but to acknowledge human emotions and mitigate the trauma responses in the aftereffects.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Lessons learned in the Rigby school shooting
  • The importance of school culture and climate
  • Changes in school security procedures

Who is Guy Bliesner?

Guy Bliesner is a school safety and security analyst for the Idaho State School Board and has dedicated his career to school safety since 2006.

Connect with the guest:


Meet the host:

Paul Timm, Director of Education Safety for Allegion, is a board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), author of School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program, and a nationally acclaimed expert in physical security. He is also a member of PASS, CSC, ASIS International’s School Safety & Security Council and IASBO (Illinois Association of School Business Officials) Risk Management Committee.  Since 1999, Paul has conducted physical security assessments and provided technical assistance for clients nationwide and in Canada.

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