Although the number of violations found in the host stadium for Super Bowl LVII is a bit disconcerting, it’s reassuring to know that code compliance is being taken seriously in order to help ensure life safety for occupants of the facility.  Annual fire and egress door inspections would be a great way to reduce violations related to door openings.

ABC15 Reports: Fire safety failures at State Farm Stadium, home of Super Bowl LVII

Fire Marshal Peters said just one fire code violation results in a failed inspection, but when the ABC15 investigators checked, nearly all State Farm Stadium’s failed inspections had multiple violations. In some cases, more than 20 violations were cited in one day.

Problems ranged from fire alarm troubles to blocked exit doors and fire lanes, to improperly located fire extinguishers, to a missing fire safety plan.

Arizona’s fire code requires most violations to be fixed within 10 days, but Peters and Gorchov admit that doesn’t always happen.

Read more and watch the report here.

Image of failed code inspections at stadium

Screenshot: ABC15

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