It has been wonderful to work remotely from Denmark, but it’s time to go back to reality.  I am headed home tomorrow, so here’s one last post to share a few more of the beautiful doors of Copenhagen.  Enjoy!

Curtis Norton of Strang told me that the protection against carriage wheels is called a “guard stone”, and I like how the door trim on this door accommodates the stone.

Beautiful door in Denmark

Beautiful door in Denmark

This church entrance gets more detailed the closer you get:

Beautiful door in Denmark    Beautiful door in Denmark

Beautiful door in Denmark    Beautiful door in Denmark

I saw SO MANY beautiful and unique lever handles, but some were tricky to photograph because quite a few doors had automatic operators activated by sensors.  So when I tried to take a photo, the door would open.  Clearly the requirements in Denmark are different from the U.S. when it comes to automatic doors.  No knowing act…no guide rails…(very) limited signage.

Beautiful door in Denmark    Beautiful door in Denmark

My favorite lever handle of all was on the Natural History Museum, but what caught my eye first was the “hold open.”  This is the main entrance to the museum.  😐

Beautiful door in Denmark

Beautiful door in Denmark    Beautiful door in Denmark

In the same museum, I saw these interesting thumbturn covers…I guess the covers are to be removed for emergency egress?  (One photo shows the cover removed, and no, it was not me.)


I just love this door…it’s got character:

Beautiful door in Denmark

Why is this door shaped like this?  Ideas?

We were planning to climb the 400 steps around the tower of this beautiful church, but every time we went it was closed due to weather.  We were able to go inside and check out the exits, among other things.  I’m unclear on the purpose of the padlock.


(The sunny-day photos above are from Adobe Stock.)


The hardware on the pews was beautiful:


And finally, I saw this wonky door from down the block and made a detour.  It seems perfect for a Fixed-it Friday Finale.


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