I spotted the huge “doors” in today’s Fixed-it Friday photos on the front of a library, and of course I had to go check them out.  The wood panels give the impression of books, and I figured that the doors would be closed at night for security.  I should have known better because the concept of physical security in Denmark is very different from the U.S. – and many other places that I have visited.

When I got closer I was surprised to see that the “doors” were not doors at all – although they are definitely meant to look like doors – the ones on the ends even have fake hinges!


When you look between the back-to-back doors, you can see the steel supporting them:

I can’t resist sharing a few more photos…when I left the library, I saw this cool mural on a nearby door.  I saw the one below that in Sweden:

On several of the bridges there are signs warning lovers not to add padlocks to the bridge.  The weight of the locks will eventually affect the integrity of the rails – or in this case, cables.  Some of the bridges are drawbridges, so the extra weight would definitely be a problem.

This is a huge residential construction project…the multi-story construction trailers caught my eye:

And finally, I saw this beside one of the doors I passed, and I’m wondering if anyone can figure out what it’s for.  Any theories?



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