As 2022 winds down (that was fast!), we have one more Webinar Wednesday, along with a recently recorded Security in 30 presentation.  I will continue to be on the road quite a bit, so if you have code questions, please contact your local ACE (Allegion Code Expert).  The orange ball in the right sidebar will lead you to a list of ACEs by state.  –>


Wednesday, December 7th

Webinar Wednesday

There have been several code changes affecting the topics presented in these two Webinar Wednesday sessions:

With regard to the stairwell reentry requirements, the 2024 International Building Code (IBC) will clarify the circumstances that must cause interior stair doors to unlock on the stairwell side (more on these changes here).

For delayed egress, the IBC was changed a few years ago to allow this application in some assembly and educational occupancies if certain criteria were met.  The model codes include separate requirements for delayed egress applications in various occupancy types and controlled egress locks in health care, and the current requirements are addressed in these two recent articles:  Model Code Comparison – Delayed Egress Locking Systems and Controlled Egress Locking Systems.

  • 10:00-11:00AM: Access Control for Stairwells
    • Stairwell openings provide unique challenges for hardware and security professionals. As fire-rated openings, they must meet the requirements as defined by our building codes. And, as stairwell openings, there are another set of requirements set by our building codes around re-entry requirements. In the event of a fire, the codes want to ensure no one gets caught in a smoke-filled stairwell. Join John Dalrymple, our End User Training Manager, to learn more about how to meet these very important requirements while also addressing a multi-story building’s access control needs.
  • 2:00-3:00PM: Delayed Egress
    • One of the golden rules in door hardware is that a lock should never impede egress, but there are specific situations where locking hardware is allowed to do so. In this presentation we will review “Delayed Egress,” a special code-regulated application that inhibits immediate passage through a door opening. We will explain what different codes say about this function with emphasis on where it can and cannot be used. We will give an overview of two of the most commonly used products to achieve delayed egress along with additional resources for more detailed requirements. John Dalrymple, AHC, and our End User Training Manager, will lead this discussion.

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And our final Security in 30 Session of the year…if you are in the business of Electronic Access Control – this webinar series is for you. While anyone is welcome to attend, these sessions were created primarily for integrators and those in the EAC industry.

Security in 30 – Live with Allegion

Trends in School Security
Presented by: Paul Timm, Vice President – Physical Security Services and Ken Cook, Director, National Safe Schools & Advocacy – Allegion

As school violence seemingly continues to increase, there is no shortage of solutions being offered. Watch Paul Timm and Ken Cook discuss some of these trends and explore related benefits and shortcomings in this pre-recorded Security in 30 session.

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