Today’s Wordless Wednesday photos are from the Facebook page of the Edmond, Oklahoma Fire Department, demonstrating the impact of a closed door during a fire.  Close Before You Doze!

From the Edmonton FD:

These powerful photos come from a recent house fire in Edmond. The homeowner discovered a fire in the garage, closed the door, and safely escaped with their children. The fire in the garage progressed to flashover (floor to ceiling fire involvement) and temperatures over 1,000° F. Yet, just inside the garage door, there is little heat, smoke, or fire damage.

This is the power of a closed door.

A closed door can delay fire spread throughout a building and allow the occupants time to escape safely. The same can happen with a regular bedroom door. Will you take the pledge with your household and close all doors before going to sleep? This simple choice could save the life of you or your loved ones.

Take the pledge and close before you doze.

For more information on the difference, a closed door can make, check out the research done by Fire Safety Research Institute at



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