If you don’t know Michele Gay, you should; she is an inspiration.  After losing her daughter in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, she became a school safety advocate and co-founded the organization Safe & Sound Schools.  I met Michele in 2018 when she shared her family’s story at the DHI conNextions conference – I hope you will take the time to view an abbreviated version of Michele’s presentation here.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post (when I was feeling a bit defeated), I want to share a new resource that we can use to help educate school administrators, parents, students, and others about school safety and security.  It is a collaboration between the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) and Safe and Sound Schools: 5 Questions Everyone Should Ask About School Safety and Security.

After every school shooting, organizations like PASS and Safe and Sound Schools continue working behind the scenes to keep schools safe, long after media coverage has stopped.  Nevertheless, as recent events have made clear, the entire community has to work together in order to have the greatest impact.  Read the article to learn more about Safe and Sound Schools and what you can do to take a more active role in school safety and security.

“When I was a teacher and stay-at-home mom, safety was important to me. But I really looked at it mostly as someone else’s job. I learned—too painfully—that’s not the truth. Each and every one of us in the community has to be educated and has to be a part of making sure our schools are safe.”

— Michele Gay, Founder, Safe and Sound Schools

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