After reading yesterday’s post about the advisory that was recently published by the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), one of iDigHardware’s loyal readers recommended that I share another valuable PASS resource – a fact sheet discussing 5 reasons schools should avoid using classroom barricade devices that don’t comply with the national life safety codes.

Whether you’re looking for a 1-page statement touching on some of the issues surrounding classroom barricades, a 13-page detailed look at the potential consequences of using non-code-compliant barricade devices, or the 4-page document highlighting the 5 reasons to avoid them, PASS has covered all of the bases.

And what are PASS’s 5 reasons schools should avoid classroom barricade devices that do not allow free egress?  From the PASS fact sheet:

  1. Willful misuse of the devices may prevent both escape from inside the room and emergency response from the outside.
  2. Most of these devices violate life safety code requirements for free egress and violate accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. Classroom security locks already provide effective lockdown capability in a safe manner for students and school personnel.
  4. Existing locksets or other door hardware can be upgraded (if necessary) at a similar cost to purchasing barricade devices.
  5. Increased liability. For all of these reasons, use of barricade devices could open communities and school districts to additional liability exposure, especially if a barricade device is utilized in the commission of a violent act.

This fact sheet also addresses the mechanical lock functions that are appropriate for use in a school classroom, as well as the 4 criteria that all locks used on K-12 classrooms should meet.  This resource is available for download on the PASS website, along with the other publications mentioned above, the PASS School Safety and Security Guidelines, and the School Safety and Security Checklist.

Safety for everyone, in every situation, every day.

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