I love it when people contact me with suggestions for iDigHardware, even when (or especially when?) their idea is something I should have come up with long ago.  That’s what happened last week, when a distributor sent me an email to point out something that I hadn’t thought about.

For the last year+, I have been posting every Monday about the upcoming online classes for that week.  This sort of just naturally happened when many of us started working remotely and we increased our online training.  But several thousand people receive an email notification each Friday of the new posts on iDigHardware for the week.  And for those people, it’s too late to take any of the classes that I wrote about on Monday.

So…I’m going to try to post a bit further ahead, so the weekly subscribers have a chance to participate in the classes.  And if you have any suggestions or ideas about anything you’d like to see on iDigHardware, I’m always happy to hear them.  Just leave a comment in the comment box at any time.  Every comment comes straight to me.



Webinar Wednesday
Wednesday, December 8th (all times are Eastern)

  • 10:00-11:00am: Steelcraft Door & Frame Construction and Application
    • New to hollow metal doors & frames? Join us to learn about Steelcraft door types, such as full flush, steel stiffened, temperature rise, and style and rail doors. You will also learn the difference between masonry and dry wall frames, including some application and installation considerations. Leon Starks, Steelcraft Training Manager, will lead this session.
  • 2:00-3:00pm: Lock Functions
    • Are you new to locks for non-residential buildings? This webinar will provide you a solid foundation, from describing lock functions in terms of how the lock behaves to explaining the difference between function name, ANSI number, and Schlage model number. You’ll get the opportunity to practice selecting the best lock function for a particular scenario. Gordon Malczewski, Schlage Training Manager, will be your guide.

Visit the Allegion Virtual Event Calendar for more information and to register for any of these sessions.


Allegion 101 | Introduction to Electrified Hardware
Friday, December 10th, 1:00-2:00pm Eastern

New to the architectural hardware or commercial door industry, or new to our Allegion family of brands? Our Allegion 101 Series has been designed for you. Learn the essentials of each product category or topic so that you can get your footing in this broad and deep industry. Attend as many or as few session in the series as you would like and as your schedule permits.

In this session, you will learn lots about electrified hardware.  Learn what quiet electric latch retraction is.  See how electrified trim for an exit device works.  Learn about electrified locksets and electric strikes and when to use one over the other.  And to help make all those devices work, we will introduce you to our power supplies and electric transfers.   And, become familiar with popular Von Duprin and Schlage model numbers/nomenclature so you can more readily interpret documents (e.g., order acknowledgements, templates, etc.) and literature (e.g., catalogs, brochures, etc.).  Gordon Malczewski, our Senior Product Trainer, will lead this session.

Register using the links on the Allegion Virtual Events Calendar. If you miss a class, the recordings are on the Event Board of the Allegion Training Page.



Webinar Wednesday
Wednesday, December 15th (all times are Eastern)

  • 10:00-11:00am: Low Energy Automatic Operator Fundamentals
    • Automatic operators can help facilities and people with accessibility issues and touchless access preferences, but selecting the correct operator can be confusing. Is it permissible to use a motion detector to activate the door?   Does a wave to activate actuator meet the Knowing Act requirements of the ANSI standards? Join us as we explore the differences between Low Energy automatic operators and Full Power (High Energy) automatic operators. Learn what the standards require for proper speed adjustments and opening force requirements for doors with automatic operators. Find out which LCN operators provide the most adjustability to meet building owner needs. Jeff Tock, AHC and Regional Training Manager for Allegion, will guide you through the exercise of choosing the operator that can best meet your needs.
  • 2:00-3:00pm: Delayed Egress
    • One of the golden rules in door hardware is that a lock should never impede egress, but there are specific situations where locking hardware is allowed to do so. In this presentation we will review “Delayed Egress,” a special code-regulated application that inhibits immediate passage through a door opening. We will explain what different codes say about this function with emphasis on where it can and cannot be used. We will give an overview of two of the most commonly used products to achieve delayed egress along with additional resources for more detailed requirements. John Dalrymple, AHC, and our End User Training Manager, will lead this discussion.

Visit the Allegion Virtual Event Calendar for more information and to register for any of these sessions.


Security in 30: Live with Allegion – 2021 Reflections, 2022 Opportunities
Friday, December 17th, 12:30-1:00pm Eastern

If you are in the business of Electronic Access Control – Allegion’s Security in 30 webinar series is for you. While anyone is welcome to attend, these sessions were created primarily for integrators and those in the EAC industry.

What a year it has been! Since Security in 30: Live with Allegion webinar series was launched in April 2020, we have reached thousands of attendees. As we drive together towards 2022, join us in a virtual “fireside chat” with Luis Orbegoso, Senior Vice President – Allegion Americas, Mark Vigren, Vice President, Sales & Field Marketing, and Brad Aikin, Director of Field Marketing and Training as we reflect on the year and discuss our vision of opportunities in 2022.

Click here to register, learn more about the upcoming webinars, or view recordings of past webinars.

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