Until the 2021 edition of the International Building Code (IBC), automatic operators were not mandated by the model codes in any particular locations.  However, automatic operators are often installed when a door opening can not meet the accessibility requirements that apply to manual doors.  For example:

  • The door does not have the required maneuvering clearance or is recessed in an alcove
  • The door can not be opened manually within the opening force limitations (5 pounds, maximum, for interior, non-fire-rated doors)
  • Two doors in a series do not have the required turning space between them
  • The door has a narrow bottom rail or protruding hardware in the area measured 10 inches up from the floor on the push side

In addition to addressing the requirements of the codes and standards, automatic operators are frequently installed for convenience or to facilitate “touchless” operation of the door to help control the spread of germs.

Cost and complexity can be barriers to the installation of a traditional automatic operator, but LCN has created a solution that allows an auto operator to be added to an existing LCN 4040XP door closer.  This reduces the cost of the retrofit, as well as simplifying the installation.  Check out the video below, download the data sheet, or visit us.allegion.com/lcncompact to learn more.

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