Note: If you are waiting to see if you guessed correctly regarding the cost of a titanium leg, I posted the answer at the bottom of yesterday’s post.


I know it’s Wordless Wednesday, but sometimes a Fixed-it Friday “fix” leaves me wordless – like this one.  These electric strikes are on an adult day care facility, and were recently installed.  As you can see, the doors have rim panic hardware, but the electric strikes are not the correct type for rim panics.  The installer tried to solve the problem by using thick pieces of rubber to shim out the strikes, with some skinny self-tapping screws to attach the whole contraption to the frame.  There were multiple doors with this set-up, and they could be pulled open easily from the secure side.

And because I know some of you will ask…the card reader on the egress side shunts an alarm.  It’s not controlling the strike or affecting egress.  This application is now addressed by the IBC, in the section called Monitored or Recorded Egress.

Thank you to Steve Craigen of Locksmith TXK for the photos!  (He was not responsible for the original installation!)

If you see a “fix” that leaves you wordless, send me some photos!

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