I typically try to stick to more technical topics or photos of creative applications related to doors, but I’m on vacation so I’ll be posting random photos and thoughts as I’ve done on other road trips (like these: Chip Falcon’s Road Trip, Escape to Costa Rica, Maine/VT 2010).  I don’t usually write about one brand vs. another because I want this site to have universal appeal, but I just have to share my favorite Christmas gift of 2010 – a story written by my 9-year-old daughter (excuse the spelling and grammar – she learned to read/write in Spanish first so she’s still perfecting the English).  It cracked me up, and I know some of you will think it’s funny too – whether you have IR hardware, or just “regular doors.”  🙂

The Door Closer

This is for U Mom.
By: Aliya
Inspired By: IR\my mom

Once apon a time, lived 3 Bears.  Baby bear, Mama bear, and papa bear.  They lived in a small cottage at the end of the forest.  It was not big but it was big enough for 3 bears.  Or so they thought.

But to bad for them because they did not have IR hardware.  They just had a regular door.

Then one morning well mama bear was making pouridge, the stove suddenly set fire.  And like I said they did not have IR so they could not get out.  And sadly in this story they died.  THE END.

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