It’s that time of year again when I remind teachers not to decorate their classroom doors in a way that violates the code requirements.  This year, many students are still learning remotely – including mine.  My high schoolers have been attending classes via Zoom since mid-March.  My UTK sophomore has taken the majority of her classes from her dorm room and is headed home this week for an extended break.  Even I’ve been attending my Spanish classes online, and teaching code classes online.  It has been a tough time, but we still have so much to be thankful for.

Even though there may not be a lot of door-decorating going on right now, dozens of ideas are floating around in cyberspace just waiting for all of our schools to be occupied again.  These decorations often consist of too much paper which could affect fire protection, obscure the egress route, or obstruct the operation of the hardware, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the problem illustrated by today’s Wordless Wednesday photo.  Although the rules on projections into the clear opening height are changing, giant Pilgrim cat heads are not one of the allowable projections.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Ideas for Kindergarten

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