Back in the Olden Days, I used to have several binders on my bookshelves labeled “Important Stuff”.  I had a hard time letting go of them when I moved out of my old office…in fact, I may have stashed them on someone else’s shelf, just in case.  I saved so many things over the years, including a booklet of shimming instructions.  Having the proper clearance around a door helps the door to close and latch correctly, affecting function, security, egress, accessibility, and fire protection, so knowing how to shim a door can come in really handy.

Since my old shimming booklet is long gone, I was really excited to see an article by Laura Frye Weaver in the current issue of Door Security + Safety Magazine, called “The Art of Shimming a Door.”  With permission, I am sharing this article on iDigHardware – in my virtual binder of Important Stuff.  🙂

Read it here!

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