My coworker, Alexander Howe of Allegion, sent me this photo a couple of weeks ago, and I put it into the Fixed-it Friday file for a future post (yes, I know it’s not Friday):

Obviously, kicking an actuator can cause damage, and I imagine it’s happening more often now because of concerns about virus transmission.  Over the weekend, I saw a request posted on Facebook that originated on Reddit.  The OP uses a wheelchair, and was asking people not to kick the actuator because whatever was on their shoe would then be on the hands of people who have no choice but to use their hand to press the actuator.  My friend shared the post and admitted that she normally uses her foot but would stop doing that.  I’ll bet she’s not the only one.  Yet another reason to switch to touchless actuators.

To access the recording of my webinar on touchless hardware, go to the Webinars page of iDigHardware.

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