Many facility managers are being asked to modify exit routes to try to comply with Covid-19 precautions, which can sometimes create a conflict with code requirements.  With just a little more effort, both needs can be met.  In this example from Kent Krauser of Allegion, the thumbturn deadbolt could have been changed to a deadlatch with a paddle or lever.  That way the door would allow free egress that was also compliant with the accessibility standards, while preventing access from the exterior.  The signage could stay, but the baskets could be removed.

While this might seem like a big investment for what is hopefully a temporary problem, changes to bring the opening into compliance with the accessibility standards are often overdue.  That seems to be the case with this opening, although I can’t quite get a good look at the thumbturn.

If you see any situations like this, I’d love a photo to help share ideas for Fixed-it Friday “fixes” that ensure all safety requirements are met.


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