I’m trying to learn more about the requirements of AAADM – American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, and I’m sure someone reading this right now can help.  Other readers may have the same questions that I do.  According to AAADM’s website, there are 50 billion safe automatic door openings and closings in the US each year, and with the current focus on touchless solutions, I’m sure that number will increase.

There is A LOT of information on the AAADM website, but I have not found an answer to this question:

Is it acceptable for a locksmith who is not AAADM certified to perform work on automatic doors – if the work is not part of the automatic operating system?  For example, can a locksmith rekey a cylinder on an automatic door without being AAADM certified?  Or replace a lockset or other component that is not part of the automatic operator?  Where can these rules be found and who is enforcing them? 

If you know the answers and/or can guide me to more information, I’d really appreciate it!


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