When I was in high school, our school actually had a patio next to the cafeteria that was the authorized “smoking area” for the students.  Yes, that’s how it was back in the 80’s…for all of you young’uns who were not born yet!

Official school smoking areas have gone the way of banana clips and shoulder pads (Z. Cavariccis apparently never went away!), and school security has gotten tighter, so the kids have to come up with new ways to get a smoke break.  In this case, they used the tool that’s for breaking the glass on the fire extinguisher cabinet as a hold-open for the exterior doors.

Luckily, Rich McKie of School District 38 in Richmond B.C. is on the job!  Thanks for the Wordless Wednesday photos, Rich!


School Safety Glass Break Hold Open

There are 53 Wordless Wednesdays and 52 Fixed-it Fridays in 2020.  Send me some photos!  🙂

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