In 2015, the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools published a white paper regarding classroom barricade devices, to help inform school administrators, teachers, parents, code officials, and others about the associated risks.  The white paper has now been updated to include more current statistics and lessons learned in recent years.

I highly recommend using this white paper as a tool to educate anyone involved securing schools.  The document includes:

  • Background on the development of classroom barricade devices
  • Current code requirements for doors in a means of egress, including classroom doors
  • The position of the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM)
  • Varied approaches taken by states and local jurisdictions
  • The potential for unauthorized use and the associated risk and liability
  • Statements from the superintendent of a school where a shooting occurred, as well as a law enforcement opinion
  • References from safety guidelines regarding the recommended means of locking classroom doors
  • Related excerpts from the PASS Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools
  • Links to additional information and resources


There is more information about the PASS and a link to download the PASS guidelines here.

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