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Seriously, I’m about to lose my temper.  Of course, as a last resort anything goes.  But are students and faculty going to have time to search for their hockey pucks when faced with an active shooter?  Or will they carry them in their hands at all times – just in case?  How is this any different from the peas and corn??

This is Annie, who moonlights as a kitten nanny, and is happy to be living where raccoons are not indigenous to the area.

This reminds me of the time my dog, Annie, was attacked in my back yard by a mama raccoon (yes, this is a true story).  My neighbor saw it happening and grabbed what was handy – a basketball.  He must have played ball in his youth, because he threw the ball over our fence and hit the raccoon with enough force for her to decide that running from this new threat made more sense than continuing to attack Annie, at which point she returned to her babies under the shed.

In the case of Annie and the raccoon, the stars were perfectly aligned (the pucks – I mean ducks – were in a row).  The neighbor was outside and heard the attack, the ball was handy and he had good aim and a strong arm, and the raccoon made the right decision.  Is this really the best we can do to protect our students and teachers from an intruder?

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