In case you haven’t had enough baseball, John Cohrs of Central Indiana Hardware sent me this photo of the bullpen door from last night’s World Series game (nice hardware!).  I can just imagine the scene…“HOLD ON GUYS!  I HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO FOR LORI!”  🙂

It turns out that bullpen doors have problems just like the rest of the doors we see every day, but the mishaps are more likely to be caught on camera…

Aaron Hicks’ double rolled through an open bullpen door — and Michael Conforto wound up on the other side – Major League Baseball

Let’s all watch Braves righty Chris Withrow struggle valiantly against the Citi Field bullpen door – Major League Baseball

Video: Michigan struggles with Target Field bullpen door – Big Ten Baseball

Outfielder crashes through bullpen door after making terrific catch – FOX Sports

Carlos Gomez tried his hand at stadium repair and ended up like a Three Stooges character – Major League Baseball

And here’s an oldie but a goodie from 1989:

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