AIA-Ohio School Door Barricade Issue Brief 102815With permission from AIA-Ohio, I would like to share their white paper on classroom barricade devices.  As stated in the document, “This Issue Brief is specific to the needs of Ohio, but points to a much larger need for a coordinated, national effort to define, as it relates to building code standards, appropriate responses to security issues during “active shooter” or similar lockdown or emergency situations.”

There is too much valuable information in this white paper for me to cut and paste small sections here – I’d recommend reading the complete document, but one paragraph did catch my eye:

Initial Evaluation by Industry Groups Inconclusive. Regarding school classroom barricades, there has been significant work performed by various groups, including the Ohio BBS, NFPA, NASFM, Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, PASS, and the ICC to put the subject in perspective and to make recommendations (see resources below).  What has not happened on a national scale is a consolidation of those resources into a comprehensive compendium on the subject that organizations who advocate for the development and adoption of building codes, such as AIA, can rely upon in seeking a technologically feasible solution to the problem at hand.

Anyone know how to create a consolidated compendium?

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