As I’ve mentioned before, I follow a great firefighter training page on Facebook called Truck Floor Training.  The members of that group occasionally post photos of a door that has been secured in a way that makes it difficult for firefighters to enter.  Almost all of these access problems are also egress problems (here are some examples).

There’s an interesting discussion taking place on that page, regarding pallets of masonry blocks being used to secure the entrances of a retail store on Black Friday.  There are many commenters who feel that while the blocks are a danger to firefighters, they’re not a code issue if the building is not occupied.  If the pallets are blocking required exits, I think they are a code issue, unless one of you can find something in the International Fire Code that says the means of egress requirements only apply when the building is occupied.

Here’s a portion of the Facebook discussion.  You can see the rest by visiting the Truck Floor Training page on Facebook.


Click here to read more on the Truck Floor Training Facebook page.

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