These Fixed-it Friday photos depict one school’s method for providing classroom security. The outside lever is kept locked at all times, so closing the door is all that’s required to secure the classroom during an emergency.  But having a classroom door locked all the time can be inconvenient – someone has to open the door each time a student or staff member wants to enter.

This classroom door has a small surface bolt to keep the door open slightly to prevent it from latching.  The adhesive silencer/bumper protects the door.  It’s pretty ingenious, inexpensive, easy to operate, and not too bad looking.  However, if these are fire doors, this creative “solution” is not code-compliant unless the local code includes a modification that would allow it.  Fire doors must close and latch in order to deter the spread of smoke and flames.  A mechanism preventing a fire door from latching is not allowed by the model codes, unless the door will automatically latch upon actuation of the fire alarm.

Classroom Latch Preventer 2

a Classroom Latch Preventer

Thank you to Bob Larson of Builders Hardware for these photos!

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