If you don’t think the Ohio barricade situation applies to you because you don’t live in Ohio, or because you don’t do school-related work, think again.  The outcome of the current debate over security vs. safety could affect the codes that protect building occupants nationwide.  Those of us who have knowledge of security AND code-compliance should be educating others on this issue.  If we don’t take on that responsibility, the only voices heard will be those who are pressuring lawmakers to change the laws without fully understanding the impact.

This morning I read an article that does an amazing job of summing up the situation in Ohio and educating readers about the safety aspect.  The article was written by Kenneth Trump, a nationally-known school security consultant from National School Safety and Security Services.  I urge you to read this article, and share this information as needed.

“Ohio school safety policy should be barricaded from politics” – Ken Trump

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