I’ve started 2015 with quite a few posts about school security.  This is probably because I’ve been working so closely with the BHMA Codes and Government Affairs Committee and other organizations to review state requirements and propose code changes that will increase security in schools while maintaining safety.  I tend to write about whatever I’m working on.  If you’re tired of school-related posts, feel free to suggest something else you’d like me to write about – I’m easily distracted (Hey look!  A squirrel!  🙂 )  For today’s Fixed-it Friday post I have yet another school security topic (although it could apply to other types of buildings), and I’d love your feedback.

I received the photos below from an urban school district.  They have limited the amount of glazing in entrance doors and replaced sidelite glazing with panels.  For existing glazing, their solution is to install Crime Shield screens from Kane Security against the glass.  They have had no issues with this application, although it obviously changes the aesthetics and light transmission at the entrance doors.

Crime Shield 2 - Copy  Crime Shield 1 - Copy

I don’t think there is one solution that will work for every school, but this might work for some.  Security mesh is also mentioned in this video about security measures at an elementary school in North Carolina.

Here’s another screen that is being marketed for school security:

WTOC-TV: Savannah, Beaufort, SC, News, Weather

If you have experience with a product like this, share your insight by leaving a comment!

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