Most of you know that I’m not a fan of the retrofit security “inventions” that seem to be flooding the institutional market lately, but I do admire creativity, and since it’s Fixed-it Friday I thought I’d share a product I recently saw in the news – The EasyLock.  I have no idea how effective it is as a security device, but the design is pretty clever.  Maybe Santa will put one in my Christmas stocking so I can go into my closet and lock the kids out when I need a moment.

The inventor of this product was able to secure the funds needed to start production by crowdfunding on IndieGoGo.  Given the recent issues with hotel locks, I imagine this product will be a hit with travelers if it works.


Here’s a video of the product in action:

And this is the promo video used to secure funding:

Note:  This product would not meet egress requirements for doors which need to unlatch with a single operation.  Dwelling units are typically allowed to have one additional operation to release the latches.

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