I’m always trying to think of new resources to add to this site that would help those of you who use it regularly.  One of the steps to answering a code question is “which code is being used in the project’s jurisdiction?”, so I thought adding a list of current codes by state would be really helpful.  But realistically there’s no way I would be able to maintain the information for 50 states as the codes change regularly.
Reed Construction Data
I approached Reed Construction Data to see if I could share their codes database on my site – and they said “YES!”  If you have not visited their Building Codes section before, it has current code information by state and sometimes by city, including contact information for the local AHJs.  It’s an amazing resource! Reed has the same challenges I would have had in keeping the information current, so we need your help to check for recent changes.  Here’s your assignment:

  • Go to your state on the Reed site (or any state you feel like checking), and validate the information there.
  • If you find any issues, or even if everything is perfect, fill out the quick form on my Codes page which will come directly to me.
  • Reed will validate the information and make the necessary changes.
  • Many hands make light work!

And if you complete your assignment before next Friday, October 3rd, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card.  I’ll be giving away $50 gift cards to 3 lucky winners, and you’ll be entered once for each state you check.  Check 10 states, your name goes into the hat 10 times!

To access the Codes page, just click on the Codes tab at the top of the web page.  And thank you in advance for your help!

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