This week’s Fixed-it Friday post is a little different (although there are links to door fails below, so don’t panic).  Since iDigHardware began, readers have been able to subscribe to receive an email notification of each new post.  Recently, my man-behind-the-curtain changed the site to a new subscription service, because the old one couldn’t handle the 1000+ subscribers.  You may have noticed that the notification emails have looked different lately.  Or you may have just started receiving the emails when we changed systems, and wondered where they were coming from and why.

It’s possible that the old emails were getting caught in your spam filter because it recognized similar text from one notification to the next and classified it as spam.  Then when we switched to the new system, your spam filter didn’t recognize the emails and let them through to your inbox.  I don’t want anyone to think that they were signed up automatically or without their consent – I never do that.

I realize that almost-daily emails from me might be too much for some people, so we Fixed-it.  There is now a weekly notification available, which will send you 1 email per week, on Friday afternoon, with a list of that week’s posts.  For those of you who wait by the mailbox for the notifications (you know who you are), you can stick with the almost-daily notifications.  But if you’d rather receive the weekly version, you can click here to subscribe to that, or use the box in the right sidebar.  If you are a daily subscriber and would prefer to switch to weekly, you will need to unsubscribe from the daily emails (click the unsubscribe link in your email or click here), as well as subscribing to the weekly.  Make sense?

If you have trouble with my emails getting caught in your spam filter, here is some information about how to prevent that.

As promised, here are some door fails and fixes from to get you through the rest of your Fixed-it Friday:

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