This is an actual problem on a current project, and I’m hoping some of you will have ideas to help out.  The doors and a portion of the hardware have already been installed, and the remaining hardware is on-site.  It’s a double-egress pair in a health-care facility, and it is equipped with a system to prevent patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or other conditions from “eloping”.  There is a sensor in the vicinity of the doors which detects an approaching occupant wearing a transmitter bracelet, and when an occupant is detected the system automatically arms the delayed egress locks, which prevent the patient from leaving the unit before staff members can arrive.

The problem with these doors is too much hardware trying to occupy the same space at the top of the opening:

  • 2 exit devices (fire-rated), with electric latch retraction and request-to-exit switches – latches project upon fire alarm
  • 2 delayed egress mag-locks (Schlage M490DE) mounted on the push side of each door
  • 1 automatic operator for the pair (LCN 9550 series) mounted on one side of the opening – 1 push, 1 pull

Because the auto operator is mounted on one side of the opening controlling both doors, it creates a conflict with one of the electromagnetic locks.  The Schlage M490DE has to mount on the push side of each door, and can not be mounted on the pull side.

I know this post is enough to make most peoples’ head swim, but I’m also positive that some of you know exactly what I’m describing.  The obvious objective is to rectify the situation while replacing minimal hardware components and leaving few or no holes to fill.

So, what would you do?


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