I am frequently asked if I have a photo of a particular application.  There are almost 2,500 images on this site, so it’s likely that I do have the photo someone is looking for, but finding it is not easy.  As the number of images grows, it will get worse.

My man-behind-the-curtain and I are currently working on a way to tag each image with a keyword, to allow you to see all of the images of door closers, or panic hardware, or code issues, or beautiful doors, etc.  A photo can have multiple tags, so a door with panic hardware and a deadlock might be tagged with “panic hardware”, “deadlock”, and “code issue.”  Choosing any of those tags will include that image in the search results.

The tricky part seems to be changing tags later on, so I’d like some help from you to establish the right tags before we start tagging.  The challenge is to get specific enough that the quantity of images in one tag category isn’t overwhelming, but not to be overly-specific.  For example, “door closer” might include too many images and make it difficult to look through them all, but I don’t want to get to the level of tagging the photo with the manufacturer and model number.  Maybe “door closer” could be split into surface closer, concealed closer, and floor closer.

Here is a draft list of tags that I’m considering.  I would love your help to determine what other tags should be added.  What did I forget?  Remember…not too specific but specific enough.  I think having a library of photos available in this format would be a really helpful tool, so let’s build it!

automatic operator
closer – surface
closer – concealed
closer – floor
code issue – egress
code issue – fire
code issue – other
creative application
doors gone wrong
electromagnetic lock
flush bolt
gasketing – perimeter
gasketing – door bottom / sweep
gasketing – threshold
lock – cylindrical
lock – deadlock
lock – mortise
lock – other
lock – padlock
lock – strike
magnetic holder
panic hardware – single
panic hardware – pair
pocket door
protection plate
sliding door
stop – wall or floor
stop – overhead

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