Just before I flew to Seattle for the Every Building Conference & Expo this morning, I read about a very unusual challenge being run by Schlage, coincidentally also in Seattle.  With his consent, they locked a guy named Joshua in a tiny house (174 square feet), and it’s up to the locals to follow clues, find the key, and set Joshua free.  The first person to find the key and let Joshua out wins $5,000!  There are prizes for the 10 runners up as well.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go see this crazy guy Joshua, so it was my first stop upon arrival.

Joshua’s tiny house is in a busy area of Seattle’s downtown, in fact there was a parade going by when I visited.  Joshua was locked in the house yesterday and will be there for 5 days, until someone finds the key to let him out.  Meanwhile he is keeping himself busy tweeting, blogging, taking phones calls (206-462-3339), playing solitaire (with real cards!) entertaining visitors (outside the window, of course), eating, and taking naps.  You all know how I feel about non-compliant egress so I will say that there are emergency procedures in place just in case Joshua needs to get out before the lucky winner finds the key.

I’m seriously thinking that if the tiny house comes to Boston, I may volunteer to spend 5 days in it.  It would be very quiet and serene compared to my house.  And I know that some of my peeps would come to visit me and keep me occupied.  I’m not sure what the bathroom situation is though…I’ll have to ask Joshua about that tomorrow.   If you have any questions for Joshua, you can tweet him @LockedInAHouse, or leave a comment and I’ll ask him for you.

You can read more about the challenge, Joshua, and the tiny house he’s locked in (which is awesome by the way!) at KeyToStrong.com.  If you’re in the Seattle area, it’s not too late to join the challenge!

This was a sad face for the camera.  Joshua was smiling the entire time I was there.

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