Whenever we’re on a family road trip, we try to find cool places to stop along the way to break up the ride.  Today we went to Battleship Cove, the world’s largest historic naval ship exhibit.  The museum is home to the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the USS Lionfish submarine, the battleship USS Massachusetts, and several other vehicles.  It’s really an amazing place, and the kids loved looking at all the different rooms, many of which were set up as they would have been while the ships were occupied.

I was checking out the doors, of course, and also thinking about the incredible lengths that the museum must have gone to in order to make these ships safe for the public.  They definitely don’t meet accessibility requirements, but there are plenty of exit signs and marked exit routes.  The battleship is available for overnights, like Girl Scout / Boy Scout trips, and I noticed that there were several locations with the plastic strip doors you might see on a loading dock.  I’m guessing these were some sort of compromise to create a smoke barrier because of the sleeping facilities.

Here are some pictures from Battleship Cove:








And in the restroom, attack of the wood wedge:


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