Today is the 3rd anniversary of iDigHardware (aka iHateHardware)!  WOOHOOOO!!!

If you were wondering what to send as an anniversary gift, all I want is your experience and expertise.  I have had several questions lately that I could use your help with.  I am always amazed by your willingness to add your two cents to the conversation – so thank you in advance!

Single Restroom with Auto Operator

I’ve had several requests lately for a hardware set for a single restroom door with an automatic operator.  There are many possibilities for providing privacy while allowing automatic operation of the door…but what’s the BEST way to do this?

Top Pivot Identification

This is the top pivot for a wood door and is part of an aluminum wall system.  Who manufactures it?

Florida / Miami-Dade County Access Control

Having spent all of my life in the Northeast, I have a lot to learn about the wind-related requirements that are so prevalent in the South.  For those of you who are more familiar with these requirements, what is the best way to provide access control on an exterior door that has to meet the Florida test protocols for impact, static load pressure and cyclical pressure, while also meeting the egress requirements?

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