Last weekend I put together the annual family photo album so I could order copies for the grandparents.  Mixed in with all of the vacation photos were a ton of doors.  Someday my grown-up kids will be on the psychiatrist’s couch…“My mother always took us places just so she could look for interesting doors…I’m scarred for life.” 🙂

Here are a few from a science museum we visited a few months ago.  Enjoy!

One of my pet peeves…a closer mounted on the wrong side of the door.  Am I the only one who notices these??

And two more!  Do you think the designer who spent hours on this pair was planning the closers as a focal point?  Or the sweeps?  This door is in the cafeteria…I wonder if it’s rated, and whether the armor plates are labeled.

What’s that white thing near the strike?  Looks like a convenient way to keep the door unlocked.  Or maybe it’s the security guard’s secret TP stash.

I’ve never seen doors like these before.  The second photo shows their purpose…an exhibit on lightning.

I took this photo to show what a door loop looks like, but there’s another problem.  Anyone see it?

And last but not least, a gallery pair with an identity crisis…manual flush bolts and ASA strike, fire exit hardware (LBR with no auxiliary pin), kick-down stops, and the door label removed (and yes, a hinge screw missing).  Who’s gonna notice?!


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