I really appreciate all of the comments and suggestions that were left in response to my post called WWYD?  Cross-Corridor Pair.  I love the collaboration and I know we can all benefit from the experience of others as well as the different points of view.

My coworker, Bill Lawliss, and I are creating a new course for the New England Chapter of the Door & Hardware Institute, and I would love to have collaboration from some of you on it.  We can make the class available for any chapter to use if you’re interested.  Our goal is to have an ongoing series of classes prior to our DHI meetings, where beginner/intermediate-level industry members can learn a bit about a certain category of hardware, and then work in teams to create hardware sets for a couple of openings.  It will be a little like the old AH-2 class, except divided into segments.  Each opening that we work on will have two options for hardware sets – a basic set for the beginners and a more complicated set for the intermediates (for example, the intermediate set may add access control).

We have a hospital project that we’re going to use for the ongoing course, and we’ll be making up handouts for each opening showing the door and frame information, the partial plan, and the criteria.  The teams will create hardware sets and we’ll review them as a group.

I think it would be very valuable to have input and feedback from a group of experienced hardware experts, to make sure that we’ve thought of each opening from every angle.  I would like to put these openings on a secure page of my site, and allow the group of experts to share their insight.  If you have at least 10 years of applicable experience and are willing to share your expertise, please leave a comment below and I’ll add you to an email group and notify you when the first opening is ready for your review.

For those of you who might benefit from attending a class like this, we may offer it as a live webinar once we have all the kinks worked out.

Thanks in advance to the volunteer experts!

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