LaGuardiaI apologize for the shortage of posts last week.  I spent most of the week in Indianapolis (where our main office is located) or in transit to or from Indy.  Believe it or not, the hardware at the hotel wasn’t really blogworthy, although I did see some fire-rated doors without coordinators (ho-hum).  The door to my room had a closer on it and closed most of the time.  It was not latched when I checked in and went to my room for the first time, but there was no boogie-man, just a lovely cheese plate left by the catering department.

I don’t think I’ve ever flown through LaGuardia Airport before, but I’ve been in a lot of airports including Maun, Botswana where cows wander in the road, and I can say with authority that LaGuardia needs a door and hardware upgrade.  One of the ladies’ room doors is shown at left, which caused some confusion with my fellow passengers because of the signage (below).

Anyway, I’m home, and plan to be back on my thrice-weekly posting schedule.  Thank you for your patience, particularly since you’ve had to look at the photo of my new glasses for the last week.  🙂


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