Someone asked me a question recently that I had to stop and think about. In the old days, wire glass could only be used in fire doors. It could not be used in non-rated doors. The question was, “Can the wire glass that meets the impact resistance requirements be used in non-rated doors?”

The answer is YES!  The use of traditional wire glass was restricted because it did not meet the impact resistance requirements but was allowed in fire doors because there were no other options. Now that we have plenty of glass options that meet the requirements for fire resistance and impact resistance, there is no longer an exception for traditional wire glass in fire doors.

MeI don’t know why you’d want to use wire glass in non-rated doors, but as long as it’s impact-resistant, go for it! The Technical Glass Products (TGP) website has a wealth of information, including the IBC Glass Label Guide.

Here’s another post about the IBC’s glass requirements, and the code excerpts are here.

And yes, to everyone who keeps looking at me funny and/or commenting that I look like a librarian, I now wear glasses so I guess I need to change all of my profile pics.  That’s what happens when you get old.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  😉

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