Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode IslandLast week I took a trip down to Providence to visit one of my recent projects, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island Headquarters. I had a heckuva time finding it since it was a new address that my GPS didn’t recognize, but I found a shuttle bus driver who not only pondered the best route, explained it to me in detail, and then followed me there and jumped out at a red light to run up and tell me to make sure I stayed to the left. I don’t know how I could have missed it…it’s a gorgeous building in downtown Providence, right on the canal and a stone’s throw from the State House.  The architect is Symmes Maini & McKee Associates and you can read a little more about the project here.

Providence Public Safety ComplexThe Westin ResidencesI also checked in on two of my past Providence projects, the Westin Residences, and the Providence Public Safety Complex:

Ten years ago a visit to Providence would have been a completely different experience, but Providence has grown into a beautiful and vibrant city with lots to see and do, and most importantly, plenty of doors to look at.  🙂

There are still plenty of sad doors if you know where to look
(or if you get lost a lot like me)…

Bad Bad Badder Better Days Ahead

And some interesting applications…

Upside Down...I wonder why. Double Acting Bank Entrance I wonder if the aluminum hinges are a design element.  Bronze would have been less visible. Padlocked Security Gate

But lots of cool stuff too…

Cool Mural (see close-up) Mural Close-Up Zebra Door Zebra Door's Pull

Behind the Providence Performing Arts Center PPAC Close-Up Nightclub Entrance Cool Gate

Church Pair With Arched Transom Church Close-Up Very Fancy Restaurant Entrance Restaurant Close-Up

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