I usually try to use the photos of Doors Gone Wrong to illustrate a code or product issue but tonight I’m at a loss for words.  I received the photo on the left from a local hardware supplier, who was called to a job-site to look at a “lock problem.”  Apparently the lockset and deadbolt weren’t latching.

Hmmmm…what could be causing that?  Perhaps the fact that the frames were installed tight to the wall construction, and they didn’t mortise out for the dustboxes or even a sloppy recess for the latchbolt and deadbolt to project into?

Push/Pull FunctionThe photo on the right is an application that I noticed on a different job-site…it was a fire-rated door that they wanted to leave unlocked, so they moved the strike down and “Voila!  A passage set!” (actually a push/pull).

I felt bad about whipping out my camera in front of the contractor but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  I know the day will come when someone gives me grief or questions why I’m taking photos of their doors, but so far so good.


Photo of lock/deadbolt strikes courtesy of Brendan Daley, Horner Commercial Sales.

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