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May 18 2018

FF: Found Fasteners

Category: Door Closers,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 12:03 am Comments (8)

No screw pack in the box?  No problem!

Thank you to Rich McKie of School District 38 Richmond, BC, Canada for today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!

8 Responses to “FF: Found Fasteners”

  1. Shane says:

    Sad, but too true, too often.
    Give the installer points for the 5th screw fastening & making the head gasketing (almost) continuous

  2. S Ebacher says:

    BC, Canada EH ? Had to be a square head (Robertson) screw in the bunch.

  3. Jamo says:

    This is actually more common than you realize. Some contractors just love the hex head screws because they do not strip the head like a phillips head screw. I have seen this on exit devices as well. I am sure most have experienced the same

  4. Joel Niemi says:

    The “Robertson” square-drive fasteners are a tip-off that this photo was taken in Canada, eh?

  5. alex sency says:

    i have seen it on new installs. it may not be a true “fix it Friday”

  6. David Birozy says:

    That looks almost exactly where I work! The only difference is that the screws aren’t stripped, the hex heads aren’t rounded, and there isn’t 31 coats of paint over it.

  7. David Federico says:

    Don’t laugh too much at us Canucks as LCN use to produce the 4040 and a few other lines at a factory just west of the city of Toronto That little town is now the city of Mississauga …

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