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Apr 13 2018

FF: Definitely Not an Exit

#Wordless Friday from Gregory Kelly of Allegion

10 Responses to “FF: Definitely Not an Exit”

  1. Jon says:

    Lori is there any Code or other requirement for situations like this where they should have to change the doors or hardware? Are there signage requirements?

    • Lori says:

      Hi Jon –

      It’s not clearly stated in the IBC what they would need to do here, but this door looks an awful lot like an exit to me. If it’s not an exit, I would recommend changing the panic hardware to something lockable.

      – Lori

  2. Cda says:

    Exit sign above the door??

  3. Shane says:

    All that is missing is the Skull & Crossbones !!! LOL

  4. Domenic LoBello says:

    Picture doesn’t show if there is an exit sign, so is this a legally locked door or not?

  5. Marshall says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is not an exit. 🙂

    But the real question is: Where does it go?

  6. Curtis Meskus says:

    looks like an exit, has push hardware like and exit, without seeing the other side I would say it is an exit.

    if it is not an exit submit a plan and permit application to change the hardware.

  7. Bob Ratliff says:

    I do not know of any restrictions on use of panic hardware on doors other than exit doors. If the doors can easily be confused as exit doors then perhaps they should be better identified.

  8. Joel Luper says:

    Although the IBC doesn’t address the issue, the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code addresses the specific labeling required for No Exit –
    No change of hardware is mentioned in the LSC.

  9. John Payson says:

    If a door would be used for egress during certain events, but not otherwise, and if it is required to be a latching fire door, I would think that having panic hardware installed would appropriate. At times when the door isn’t usable for egress, however, I think the panic hardware should be obscured by a sign with an arrow pointing to the proper exit.

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