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Aug 11 2017

FF: Trading One Problem For Another

It’s easy to overlook one issue or set of requirements when you’re solving another problem; we’ve seen this with classroom barricade devices.  In the case shown in the photo below, a retail store has implemented this creative hold-open because of an assault that occurred in their public restroom.  Unfortunately this is a fire door, and is not supposed to be held open mechanically.  There ARE ways to do this right and address both the need for security and for fire protection, but it’s usually more expensive than the creative methods we see in Fixed-it Friday photos.

Thank you to Chris Clark of Allegion for today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!

4 Responses to “FF: Trading One Problem For Another”

  1. Mark Williams says:

    Interesting…..sort of a reverse barricade device…….

  2. Anthony Wan says:

    Yup, cost to do a padlock with two anchor rings are nowhere as close as magnetic hold opens. Yet the cost of one or more’s life in a fire would not amount to a low cost “quick fix”.

  3. John Payson says:

    What kind of apparatus would be suitable, other than a rolling curtain? Most magnetic hold-opens would make it possible for unauthorized persons to close the door manually–precisely the situation the padlock is intended to prevent.

  4. MartinB (aka lauxmyth) says:

    Big bathroom to be a fire rated door. I guess.

    I am left with more questions than answers. If holding the door open is for visibility, cut in a window. And if it is not already, change the lever set to a passage function.

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