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Feb 10 2017

FF: 4 Door Lock Gadgets (video)

Category: Egress,Fixed-it Friday,Locks & Keys,VideosLori @ 12:23 am Comments (4)

One of my fire marshal pals sent me this Fixed-it Friday video.  Neither of us recommending the use of these gadgets, but the dogs are super-cute and I always like to see people’s lock-related inventions – even if they’re not code-compliant for use on an egress door.

4 Responses to “FF: 4 Door Lock Gadgets (video)”

  1. Richard The Door Guy says:

    Boom……Very entertaining video!

  2. Chuck Park says:

    The Russian Hacker should know better than to show his key to millions of Internet viewers.
    Looks like a Schlage “C” with a bitting of 25976

    • Lori says:

      He doesn’t care if you can make a duplicate key, since he has those awesome gadgets and man-eating dogs! 🙂

      – Lori

  3. Mark Williams says:

    Yikes……working overtime to develop cheap solutions to prevent the door from opening (from either side). A couple of observations:
    1. These products all assume the lock is going to fail or someone who shouldn’t, has a key…..really??
    2. Wouldn’t want to be inside the house if a fire broke out in the middle of the night and I had to get out or if an intruder broke in through a window (which is normally the case) and was inside the house

    Lots of bad ideas out there….

    Nice dog though…..

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