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Dec 14 2016

WW: Good Luck

I received today’s Wordless Wednesday photo along with the following explanation…

“On a service call to find out why doors will not lock and had to follow the wires to the inspirational message left by the last technician in header.”

Thank you to Andrew Dodson of Dormakaba for the photo!

5 Responses to “WW: Good Luck”

  1. Michael Pedersen says:

    Rip everything out of the header, zip tie all coterminous wires together, replace all the bodge wires, and try to sketch a system diagram. Check continuity of every wire. Test the logic board. Make sure all the relays are hooked up right. Once you get it working, leave your notes for the next technician to find.

    Or go home and cry. That works too.

  2. Bryan McKeehan says:

    It’s amazing how poorly a “licensed” individual can perform. Who is giving out electricians license nowadays. Do they come in a Cracker Jacks box?

  3. Dennis says:

    lol, had to work on ones like this..

  4. Marc Cerisier says:

    I really wish the industry could come up with standardized connectors to use in access control installations. All of the various crimped/soldered connections are just asking for trouble, and because there’s no consistent method of “punching them down” or something like that, you end up with a ball of cables stuffed into a box (if you’re lucky).

  5. Keybler says:

    The “rats nest” in the picture would be considered good work by a guy I use to work with. It’s sad but someone was paid to connect those wires. Also “wire nuts” should be outlawed along with flat head screws 🙂

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